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Alexei: Audio Expert, Rockabilly Fan

Alexei: Audio Expert, Rockabilly Fan

MOSCOW: When Alexei’s parents returned from work in Mongolia to the USSR in the late 1980s, they used their foreign currency to buy a Panasonic double cassette recorder at a special store in Moscow.

When it broke, Alexei would try to fix it. Getting it repaired at a shop was ‘expensive and took a long time.’ Unkowingly, that was the start of Alexei’s career in high-tech audio repair and solutions.

Alexei was on his way to a Rockabilly concert, dressed in jeans turned up at the bottom, a half a dozen rings and confederate belt.

He said he first attended a rockabilly concert about five years ago at the behest of a friend and loved it. Alexei said Rockabilly “isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life,” adding with a laugh that “rock’n’roll will never die.”

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