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Alyona: East Siberian Journalism Student

Alyona: East Siberian Journalism Student

CHITA, EASTERN SIBERIA: Alyona, 19, works part-time as the receptionist at Chita’s only old-school barbershop while attending university.

She said she is studying journalism, wants to write about sports, but feels she has little opportunity to do that in a small town. “There are few interesting subjects here to write about, so I would have to leave to Chita to work as a journalist.”

Alyona said Novosibirsk has more opportunities and that several friends and acquaintances from Chita have moved there.

I asked Alyona, who practices the drums and goes to the gym 3 times a week, why she decided to work.

She said she needed moneyto fly to Moscow (six hours) to attend a concert by the group Louna, an alternative rock band. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to go.


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