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Anastasia: Legal Student Turned Goods Maker

Anastasia: Legal Student Turned Goods Maker

BISHKEK:‘I graduated with a law degree. I thought that it would be useful, but then I got bored and regretted studying it. I am a creative person,’’ said Anastasia, who produces handmade goods in her free time with her friend.

Anastasia and her friend were selling their knitted goods alongside a few other artists in front of a Bishkek store dedicated to such handmade items. She said she works in a pharmaceutical company while her friend teaches Korean.

‘’We were looking in the Internet and saw that there are many people making such goods, but there are practically none here in Kyrgyzstan [except those making felt goods]. We wanted to bring something new to the market. We will continue to do this while we enjoy it.”

  • Posted on: September 21, 2015
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