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Daria: Motorcycle Enthusiast, Crimea Native

Daria: Motorcycle Enthusiast, Crimea Native

MOSCOW: Daria, 29, moved from Crimea to Moscow eight years ago to study, but ended up staying to work. Employed at a printing plant, Daria says the Russian megapolis has worn her down.

”I want to go back to Crimea. Moscow is a very big, difficult place to live.”

She says she loves to motorcycle and that her and her husband, also from Crimea, both have Hondas. Moving back to warmer Crimea would allow her to ride nearly year round, she said.

Daria said she goes by the nickname ‘Fairy,’ from her days cleaning dishes at camping events, using the liquid detergant Fairy. ”They called me that to tease me, but I liked it and it stuck.”

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