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Elena: Engineer, Fire Show Performer

Elena: Engineer, Fire Show Performer

NIZHNY NOVGOROD: Yulia and Elena (right) were practicing their fire show techniques under a bridge in Nizhny Novgorod before sunset.

Elena, an engineer in the power industry, and Yulia, a lawyer met 2.5 years ago during a four-month street art project in Nizhny Novgorod.

The aim of the project was to gather creative people in the city and together experiment with art forms, said Elena.

Though they learned many things like ethnic dances and instruments, dance, it was the fire show that won Elena’s heart. It is now her favorite hobby, she said.

Elena said she parachutes, runs in races, does long-distance bike riding and travel with the help of couchsurfing, thus her work colleagues are not surprised she practices swinging fire in her free time, she said.

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