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Giorgi: Barbra Streisand Fan, ex-Teacher

Giorgi: Barbra Streisand Fan, ex-Teacher

TBILISI, GEORGIA: Giorgi was wearing a New York Yankees hat while selling souvenirs on the streets of Tbilisi. He said he was a former Georgian language teacher in a school, but quit during the tumultuous 1990s as salaries were too low.

A father of three, Giorgi said the 1990s were a ‘time of chaos.’

”It was a bandit state. It is terrible to recall those days,” he said.

Giorgi said hat the situation began to change for the better under former Georgian President Saakashvili, who came to power in 2003.

A Barbra Streisand fan, Giorgi said two of his children are living in Germany.



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