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Grigori: Sports Store Owner

Grigori: Sports Store Owner

ST. PETERSBURG: Grigory jumped onto his old-school bike and said he was headed to his sport goods store.

I asked him he got into the business. He said he began to run on jumping stilts about 7 years ago.

He liked it and decided to buy a pair for himself and his two sons. After two years, the hobby turned into a business…Grigory bought an internet store selling jumping stilts.

This spring, he and his eldest son Ivan opened the store on Nevsky Prospect, selling stilts, rollerblades, foot scooters, pogo sticks among other things.

The story doesn’t end there. In 2010, Grigory got into pneumatic pogo sticks with his youngest son Dmitry.

After two years of practicing, his son really progressed. In 2013, Dmitry won a championship and in 2014 he became an official rider for the Xpogo team.

You can read about his Dmitry at – his photo and bio are there.

Grigory said Dmitry holds a Guinness record. One of his trademark jumps is called the ‘Vodka flip.’

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