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Ilya: Diamond Company Worker

Ilya: Diamond Company Worker

ARKHANGELSK: It was like a scene from a movie or a magszine. A couple walking along a sunny, empty beach onevweekend morning. Except, this beach was about 250 km from the Arctic circle. Ilya, who met his girlfriend Ksenia this summer, said he likes Arkhangelsk and has no plans to leave.

“Each street reminds me of my childhood or youth. All my relatives are here. I met my best friends and girlfriend here. I love this city for its history, architecture and nature,” said Ilya, 25, who works for a diamond mining company outside Arkhangelsk.

As he works on a two-week rotation basis, he doesn’t see Ksenia, 23, every day, but they communicate regularly via social media he said.


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