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Kostya: Oil Logistics & Barbershop Owner

Kostya: Oil Logistics & Barbershop Owner

SAMARA: Kostya has been working for one of the world’s largest oil producers for the past decade, but, despite the good benefits, he said he had been itching to do something on his own. A few years ago, he said he watched a video about opening a barbershop while drinking wine that really made him think…and act.

”I was tired of an easy office job that wasn’t bringing me much satisfaction,” he said. ”The video touched me. I said, ‘I don’t want to be sitting in an office when I am 50 regardless of the salary and social package.”’ With the help of a friend, he decided to open up a barbershop franchise belonging to Moscow-based chain Chop-Chop.

Kostya said people are surprised when they see him come into the barbershop after work or on a weekend and clean the floor, make coffee for clients and hang out with his barbers. ”I think this is a better way of doing business than acting like a boss and commanding people.”

I asked Kostya would changes he would like to see in Samara. ”I would like to see more positive people. Russians are more restrained, they don’t smile much. If we could be more open emotionally with each other, life would be better.”

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