Capturing Russia from white to black, north to south, east to west
Kyrgyz Family, Soros Beneficiaries

Kyrgyz Family, Soros Beneficiaries

BISHKEK SUBURB: This family of seven were selling strawberries on the side of the road outside Bishkek. They picked the strawberries themselves on their small plot.

They were selling the buckets of strawberries – a few kilograms – for about $3 each. My driver bought four buckets.

When she found out I was from New York, the mother said ”I have friends in the US.” I inquired and she said that when she was a high school student, they had English teachers funded by the Soros Foundation.

She could still remember a bit of English and spoke a bit to me. She said one of her sons is a good boxer while the other likes to place chess.

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