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Lena: View on the USA

Lena: View on the USA

NIZHNY NOVGOROD:There is a widely held view that Americans’ smile is fake and that they teach them to smile from childhood. What is wrong with that?”

”In my view, it is much more pleasant to see people with smiles on their faces when out walking or taking public transport tha gloomy, gray faces,” wrote Lena, a Nizhny Novgorod university student, in a long text on her Russian social media page dedicated to her trip to Texas through the ‘Work and Travel’ program.

I asked Lena to share her thoughts about the US and she directed me to her text.

“I often met Americans that confused Russia and Ukraine, some thought it was one country, others thought Russia was part of Ukraine while others didn’t know the USSR even collapsed.” She concluded her text with the following: “Don’t judge a nation’s people by their leaders.”

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