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Maria: Street Musician in Europe

Maria: Street Musician in Europe

St. Petersburg: Maria, 22, was wearing a purple dress that matched her purple dreads.

A hair dresser by education with excellent English, she travels from time to time to Finland and Germany to play hard core on the streets.

She takes her guitar, an amplifier and about 100 euros. She uses couch surfing to stay at homes for free.

If she doesn’t party much, she returns to St. Pete with 200 euros. She makes on average about 40-50 euro a day.

Maria said she was leaving soon for Europe for a month to play. She contacted one of her favorite groups – Stockholm-based dEMOTIONAL – to ask if she could party with them while she is in town.

Maria said her 28 year-old sister, who likes to dress in various ethnic clothing, is even more adventurous, doing extreme sports like paragliding & working as a mountain guide from time to time in South America.

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