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Norbek: Kyrgyz Yurt Maker

Norbek: Kyrgyz Yurt Maker

ISSYK–KUL: Norbek produces yurts from scratch with his brother and father in their courtyard near Issyk-Kul lake. His family has been producing yurts for about 90 years and he is now the fourth generation engaged in this.

His family produces from five to 10 yurts a year, but they can produce one within a month if they hurry. Each piece of wood needs to be treated with steam and then bent into the right shape.

Their yurts sell for at least $5,000. Norbek, already 29, isn’t married, relatively late for a Kyrgyz man. He said he expected to find someone and marry within a year. ‘’You need a month to get to know a girl well,’’ he said.

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