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Vika: Dreaming of Moscow Metro Career

Vika: Dreaming of Moscow Metro Career

MOSCOW: When an accident a year ago in the Moscow underground took the life of many people including a school friend, Vika said she feared entering the metro.

To overcome her fright, she began to look for something positive in the underground. That is when, she said, she realized its beauty.

A few months after the accident, she began to photograph stations and the activity grew into a favorite hobby. She has already visited half the 196 stations.

Ironically, her mom works on new metro construction and Vika recently got the opportunity to visit a major construction site.

She said she was blown away by the sheer size of the work…all this has influenced her future plans.

The 3rd-year politics major wants to get a second higher education so she can ‘participate in Moscow metro construction.”

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