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Arif: Russia World Cup Worker

Arif: Russia World Cup Worker

MOSCOW: Arif and Natalya were sitting on a bench park near the Moscow River at 10:30 pm, studying their laptop screen. Friends from school days, they said they were organizing their summer vacation.

I asked why here and so late. Arif said he had always dreamed of attending the Soccer World Cup and got an internship at the 2018 World Cup committee in Moscow.

He said he ended up wuiting university and going to work full-time for the World Cup games. Arif work office is right next to the river, where on the stadiums is.

He said he works til late, explaining why they were sitting here at night.

Arif said he liked his job and was proud that fans get to choose the mascot for the 2018 World Cup.

His favorite is the firebird because of its association with fairytales. “And all fairytales have happy endings,” he said.

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