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Kakha: Street Popcorn Seller

Kakha: Street Popcorn Seller

TBILISI, GEORGIA: Kakha, 41, is one of about 10 people selling popcorn in the center of Tbilisi.

”There is no work,” said Kakha, who used to work in construction in Moscow. ”I need to feed my family, I need a job. I don’t need democracy,” he said, referring to the Rose Revolution that brought Saakachvili to power.

He said that things got worse under Saakashvili and that it was a mistake for Georgia to get into a war with neighboring Russia.

Kakha said he is happy with the new president, who has again allowed people like himself to sell goods on the streets of Tbilisi, something Kakha said was banned under Saakachvili.


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