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Lilia: Novosibirsk University Student

Lilia: Novosibirsk University Student

NOVOSIBIRSK: While in the Siberian capital, I noticed coffee-to-go kiosks at many points in the center of town – perhaps more on a per-capita basis than in Moscow.

Several years ago, it was hard to find coffee-to-go in Moscow, let alone in the regions, but the trend has expanded quickly right across the country.

Lilia (right) and her friend wete walking around the center of Novosibirsk, holding cups of coffee. I asked Lilia, a university student, what changes she would like to make in her city.

While her list was long, the first thing she highlighted was helping pensioners. Lilia said she would incease discounts on goods and services for the elderly, such as transportation and housing communal services. 

”I would probably bankrupt the budget with my wishes,” she joked.

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