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Stas: Retired Muscovite

Stas: Retired Muscovite

MOSCOW: Stas, 69, was slowly riding his bike along the Moscow River at sunset. Born in Baku and living 35 years in Moscow, Stas said he exercises along the river twice a day: in the morning and evening.

Stas, who has four grandchildren, said it was impossible to bike here 10 years ago. Bottles, cigarettes and condoms were tossed here.

Not only has the riverside become nicer, but people are exercising and smiling more, there are more children and men are smoking less, said the retired Muscovite. Girls seem to be smoking more.

More people are leading a healthy lifestyle today because 10 years ago, sporting goods “were expensive and you couldn’t find them in stores.”

Plus people realize they need to exercise now to live well in retirement.

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