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Medea: Fresh Bread Saleswoman

TBILISI: Medea, 26, sells fresh bread from a storefront where the bread is baked. A mother of two, she said took the job a few months ago. She had been working as a waitress, but the restaurant closed when the owner died. Medea said has a degree in law, but its hard to find a job in that sector. She hoped to work in the law in the future.

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Evgeniya: Future Baker

Evgeniya and her boyfriend Vanya (left) were visiting the friend (right) who initially intoduced them. Evgenia said she is going to be a baker like her grandmother. She fondly recalled visiting her grandmother at work for first time at the age of 8. Her grandmother let her play with the dough. I asked Evgenia what her favorite pastery is. 'Eclair - it's the hardest to make, but it is the most delicious.'