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Kazbek: Family of Teachers

ST. PETERSBURG: Kazbek, sporting a big bow tie, was walking along Nevsky in St. Petersburg with his bicycle. He said he is studying to become a teacher of Russian language and literature. If his plans work out, he will represent the third generation of teachers in his family. His mother, grandmother and grandfather all taught at schools at one point. Kazbek said that when he becomes a teacher, he will wear a bow tie, but a small one. When I asked if the students will tease him, he said ‘’no, they will see me as a good example.’’ The future literature teacher said his favorite book is The Three Musketeers ''because it is about real friendship.''

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Alina: Costume Play Fan

MOSCOW:  Alina, a university student, was walking with friends in the center of Moscow dressed in a black bow tie, suspenders and hat. She said she is a fan of cosplay - dressing up like animation characters - and simply enjoys changing her appearance through clothing. However, on this particular day, she was just being herself, she said. It is more popular this summer for girls in Moscow and St. Petersburg to wear bow ties.  Alina said she would like to get a tattoo later this summer.

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Danil: Economics Student, Bow Tie Fan

MOSCOW: I have noticed quite a few guys in Moscow wearing bow ties in recent months, including in creative ways. Danil, 18, was wearing his bow tie with a polo shirt as he hung out near the Moscow river with three female friends. A student at one of Russia's top economics universities and future banker, Danil said he has about 6 bow ties and started wearing them 2 years ago.

Artur: Cadet High School Graduate

MOSCOW: Artur was wearing a red bow tie and red shorts as he sung songs with friends from cadet school. "My girlfriend bought the bow tie, so I have to wear it," he said with a laugh in excellent English. I never met anyone that attended cadet school here and asked how he ended up there. He said he watched a TV series called Kadestvo. "I thought it was interesting and that girls would love me," he said with a laugh again. He's finishing exams now & in autumn will enter university.

Sergei: Russian Bow Tie & Hat Maker

MOSCOW: When Sergei had a falling out with his partner over their joint print business 4 years ago, he found himself without a job. The Siberian-native says it was probably a blessing in disguise. With plenty of free time on his hands, he could pay more attention to his style...and when he couldn’t find a bow tie in Moscow he liked, he decided to design one himself. Then he designed another, and another…finally turning it into a business that goes by the brand name 'Engineer Garin'. Sergei, who has added hats to his brand, says his work brings him satisfaction and hopes it soon brings street recognition.