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Sakura: Dagestani Dancer

MAKHACHKALA, DAGESTAN: Sakura, 22, was probably destined to dance. As a baby, she once woke up to music on a TV commercial, shaked her body, and went right back to sleep when it ended. She may have inherited the love of dancing from her mom, who performed ethnic Dagestani and Indian dances. Sakura said she practices experimental dance when alone at home and will be moving to St Pete to develop further her skills. While many girls her age in Dagestan are contemplating marriage, Sakura is dreaming of visiting Japan .... Marriage is not in her near-term plans. She says she still feels like she is 16.

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Evgeny: Dancer & Fur Clothing Owner

MOSCOW: Evgeny, 37, was dressed in jeans and a lepoard-pattered vest as he exited the Moscow metro in the eastern part of the city. Carrying an iPad, he was asking for directions. He said he was a dancer and that his family had a fur clothing business.

Valentina: Retired School Teacher, Street Dancer

Valentina, 75, is a regular on the busy Moscow pedestrian street Old Arbat, where she dances for the public. Holding a portable radio in her hand that plays music, she sweeps across the payment from left to right, occasionally spinning in a circle. Sometimes, she dances with a partner. She places a sign nearby that reads: ''If you sit, you will get sick; if you lie down, you will die; if you move, you will live. Lets dance.'' Valentina said she only started dancing when she retired as a school teacher at the age of 58. When asked why she started so late, she said ''I didn't have any time. After classes, there were group events or administrative things to do.''

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Kristina: Future ‘Image Maker’

With her bright red coat and dyed red hair, Kristina really stuck out from the crowd on this recent snowy day in Moscow. Kristina said she wants to become an 'image maker,' helping people look their best. An 'eastern dances' performer, she said the most memorable event of 2014 were her work trips to China and Turkey with her dance group. Because of her Asian features and perfect Russian, "people in Turkey and China couldn't figure out where I was from." She said she is Kazakh from the capital of Almaty but has been living in Moscow the last 4 years. She is the first Kazakh I have photographed in my portrait series .