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Denis: Clothing Designer, Husky Lover

MOSCOW: Denis is due to become a father for the first time in January. His family will then be seven: him, his wife and newborn and four huskies, including two puppies. Raised in Yakutia, Denis acquired the Huskies a few years ago only after he settled down in the St. Petersburg suburbs. Ironically, the gave rise to a business... While working at a printing company, Denis made a t-shirt with the image of his huskies. As often happens, friends asked for one, Denis printed 50 more and they went quickly. ''It made me realize that people are interested in this and I decided to continue in this direction. Denis quit his job and created his own clothing brand under the name Taiga. The toughest thing at the moment is the strenthening dollar, said Denis. It is pushing up  

Denis: Family Empire Dream

MOSCOW: ''I dream big. I want to have my own brand, build a family empire" like Trump and Hilton, said Denis Andrievskiy, 20. He was dressed in ripped jeans and sunglasses as he walked in the center of Moscow around 9:30pm. Denis said he started producing leather bags and wants to next produce clothing under the name Andrievskiy Design. He is currently outsourcing the work to Ukraine, where he said labor is cheaper and leather better than in Moscow. However, he is considering moving it to Moscow due to the political instability. I asked if he was afraid of failure. He said a bit, "but what is the point of life if you live in fear?"

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