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Olga: Tattoo Master

St. Petersburg: You can figure out Olga's job by looking at her legs. Covered in tattoos, including a matryoshka, Olga is one of the growing number of female tattoo masters in Russia's cultural capital of St. Petersburg.

Irina: St. Petersburg Image Stylist

St. Petersburg: Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg gets quite crowded during the white nights period as domestic and foreign tourists flood the city. It must be pretty difficult to walk a dog along Nevsky during the early evening in this period. That may be why Irina, 25, was carrying her dog. She said she worked as an image stylist for magazines.

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Alexander: Dog Owner, Security Guard

Alexander, 54, can often be seen around University metro station in Moscow. He said he grew up near Saratov on the Volga to a Jewish mother and Russian father. Alexander said he served in Afghanistan and now works as a security guard. ''There are three nations you can't conquer: Afghanistan, Vietnam and Russia,'' he said, as he discussed global politics.

Danila: Moscow Teenage Dog Owner

Danila, 19, was walking along a pedestrian street in Moscow, on his way to meet his girlfriend, a dog at his side. He said he bought the dog ''because I really like this breed...but he is still not well trained.'' Danila said he enjoys skateboarding, BMX biking and computers and is now in his second year at Moscow's information and communications university. I asked why he chose that study. ''My brain is wired that way,'' he said.  

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Moscow Dog in Camouflage

His owner was wearing blue camouflage.

Dog in Metro

Owning a small dog has been trendy in Moscow the last few years, but I don't often see owners taking them into the metro. This couple was returning from a park late in the evening and allowed me to photograph them.