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Lada: Daughter of a Drummer

St. Petersburg: Lada, 16, was waiting for a friend near a popular shopping center in the center of St. Petersburg. A drummer in an orchestra, Lada wants to study Japanese at university and visited the country two years ago. I asked what her parents think of her style. "My father dresses the same way I do," Lada said. Her father is also a drummer.

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Sergei & Anna: Moscow Musicians

MOSCOW: Anna was waiting for her boyfriend Sergei in the Moscow metro. Anna, who spoke fluent English, said she was a drummer in their band. Sergei said he had worked in New Jersey cleaning dishes one summer as part of a Work & Travel program.  

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Artyom: Khabarovsk Turborock Drummer

Khabarovsk: I passed a kiosk in the center of Khabarovsk offering coffee and donuts and stopped to get a cup of java. Artyom, 25, opened the window to take my order. He had model-like features with pierced ears and tattooed arms. He said he also worked at a bar and is a drummer in a 'turborock' band called Fucknroll. When I asked which western group his music would be closest to, he mentioned Motley Crue and Black River, but added that his group's music is a mix of styles. I asked if his 4 year-old group would try to play in Moscow and St Pete. "We want to conquer the (Russian) Far East first," he said.