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Dasha & Valeria: High School Classmates

MOSCOW: These days I see a lot more girls and women dressed in black from head to two. Dasha, left, wants to be a musician and her friend Valeria an architect. They are 15. 

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Nastya & Vika: Russian Twins

ARKHANGELSK: "We are not alike in character. I am more creative," said Nastya (left) about her twin sister Vika. They were walking in Malye Karelya, a park on the outskirts of Arkhangelsk city filled with historical wooden architecture from Northern Russia. Nastya said she loved to write poetry and would read it to Vicka, but she didn't show strong interest. "She is far from [poetry]," said Nastya.

Margo & Milana: Street Fashion

Margo (holding bag) and Milana were eating McDonald's on the street in Rostov as they leaned against a street underpass staircase. Margo, who runs the hurdles, shouted with pride ''We are from Samara!'' as they were photographed.

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Samara Art Students

SAMARA: Alina (left) was hanging out with friends Alexandra and Nastya by the Volga riverside in Samara, each holding hot drinks from a nearby McDonald's as they watched people skiing, walking and winter kite surfing along the frozen river. Alexandra and Nastya, 17, first met Alina at an art class they all currently attend outside of their regular studies. Alina said her favorite artist is Salvador Dali, but that she is inspired by work of modern, unknown artists ''as their art is normally created from their hearts.'' Alina said her first portrait will be that of a girl ''to show her deep inner world…what she sees and the nature she feels.''

Ksusha & Kristina: Selfies in Starbucks

Ksusha (left) and Kristina, two Moscow high school students, were sitting in a packed Starbucks on Old Arbat street on a Sunday evening, snapping selfies in between drinking their hot chocolate. Ksushu said they haven’t seen each other in a while and decided to take a walk along Arbat. They stopped in to Starbucks to warm up with a hot drink.

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