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Dmitry: Titanium Biker Maker

Dmitry’s parents sent him to Europe to study with the probable expectation that he would return to Moscow as a banker or consultant, pulling in a six-figure dollar salary. Eight years later, he is running a small, 7-man business producing titanium frames in a dark-green, Soviet-era factory and dreaming of expanding production.

”This was a hobby; it wasn’t meant to be a business,” said Dmitry, who began biking as a child in Kazakhstan.

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Aigul: Financial Analyst, Baker

MOSCOW: Aigul was waiting outside a Moscow metro, holding flowers given to her by a friend in celebration of Woman's Day. Half Russian and half Kazakh, Aigul said she was a former accountant at one of the Big Four and now works as a financial sales analyst for a food company. Aigul said she likes making food herself, particularly desserts and just started promoting her goods via social networks. ''It is my dream to have such a business....and I want a small, cute cafe. Now, I am just taking my first steps'' in this direction.

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Kristina: Future ‘Image Maker’

With her bright red coat and dyed red hair, Kristina really stuck out from the crowd on this recent snowy day in Moscow. Kristina said she wants to become an 'image maker,' helping people look their best. An 'eastern dances' performer, she said the most memorable event of 2014 were her work trips to China and Turkey with her dance group. Because of her Asian features and perfect Russian, "people in Turkey and China couldn't figure out where I was from." She said she is Kazakh from the capital of Almaty but has been living in Moscow the last 4 years. She is the first Kazakh I have photographed in my portrait series .