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Katerina: Opera Singer

MOSCOW: On her 5th birthday, St. Petersburg-native Katerina performed a ‘solo-concert’ for her grandfather at home. She said she loved to sing from childhood, but only fell in love with opera when she was 14 after hearing a performance in her hometown. Thereafter, she would occasionally attend the opera by herself.  Her interest didn't initially find appreciation. As she was a good student, her teaches encouraged her to study law. Her mom wanted to her to study languages. ‘’People said, don’t you want to do something serious?’’ Katerina said she insisted on attending a special opera school. Last month she again gave a solo-performance…this time at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall. She is currently in the Russia-wide ‘Voice’ competition.

Alyona: Rostov Dancer

Alyona was walking back from the grocery store wearing poker-dot stockings, black boots and a New York winter hat. Alyona, who works at a sports betting company, said she loves writing poetry and dancing. Her dance interests range from Russian folk to industrial. Alona said she comes from a creative family. Both her mother and sister sing and dance. ''My mother has a wonderful opera voice and I am very proud of her,'' she said.

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Yana: Opera Singer, Rammstein Fan

Moscow Portrait: I find it fascinating how people have such divergent interests. Yana said she sings opera music, so I asked her what she liked to listen to, expecting to hear something akin to opera. She said her favorite group was German industrial metal band Rammstein.