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Russian Village Pupil

North Russia: The village school in Tikhmanga was built in 1985 and has around 80 children. While the school goes to grade 11, there are normally just a few pupils in the 11th class, generally girls. The boys often leave after the 9th grade to attend a vocational school in the neighboring town that specializes on the automotive industry. A few pupils each year go on to attend university, normally choosing Arkhangelsk or Severodvinsk, both a few hours drive to the North. While the remote school doesn't seem to have received a cosmetic upgrade in many years, the teachers and students have Internet access and view assignments and grades online. There is no long-distance instruction at the moment. As I walked around the school with the English teacher Sergey, pupils came running up to have their picture taken. The children spend a lot of time on outdoor activities when school is over, either practicing soccer, riding bikes, playing on the swings or a game of hide and seek.