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Mitya: Elvis and Rockabilly Fan

MOSCOW: Mitya is a long-time Rockabilly fan. He was wearing an Elvis shirt and belt buckle with blue suede shoes, which is the title of an Elvis song. Mitya said he got into Rockabilly in the 1980s, inheriting the interest from his parents, who collected rock albums on the black market in Soviet times. He helps organize concerts. Mitya said his daughters don't share his interest...they prefer hip-hop and study dance at the well-known dance school Todes. His wife isn't a big fan either, preferring to stay home rather than join him at Rockabilly concerts, Mitya said with a laugh.

Alexei: Audio Expert, Rockabilly Fan

MOSCOW: When Alexei's parents returned from work in Mongolia to the USSR in the late 1980s, they used their foreign currency to buy a Panasonic double cassette recorder at a special store in Moscow. When it broke, Alexei would try to fix it. Getting it repaired at a shop was 'expensive and took a long time.' Unkowingly, that was the start of Alexei's career in high-tech audio repair and solutions. Alexei was on his way to a Rockabilly concert, dressed in jeans turned up at the bottom, a half a dozen rings and confederate belt. He said he first attended a rockabilly concert about five years ago at the behest of a friend and loved it. Alexei said Rockabilly "isn't a hobby, it's a way of life," adding with a laugh that "rock'n'roll will never die."

Ruslan: Geology Student & Rockabilly Dancer

Ruslan, 22, a geology graduate student, said his most memorable event last year was hitch-hiking around Armenia for two weeks with his girlfriend. ‘’Armenians are very hospitable - they were not only willing to pick us up along the road, they would invite us for coffee, offer food or even to stay at their places.'’ Ruslan said he met his girlfriend through a rockabilly dance school, where they both take lessons.