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Olga: Tattoo Master

St. Petersburg: You can figure out Olga's job by looking at her legs. Covered in tattoos, including a matryoshka, Olga is one of the growing number of female tattoo masters in Russia's cultural capital of St. Petersburg.

Giorgi: Georgian Ranger Hopeful

TBILISI: Tattoos can say a lot about people and their interests. Giorgi, 19, was hanging out with two friends near the center of Tbilisi. Giorgi said he would like to become a ranger in the military, but that he was rejected because of his tattoos. He took off his shirt to show them. He had a tattoo on his right arm of US weapons specialist Chris Costa holding a machine gun. The tattoo was in the style of an orthodox icon. On his left arm, he had what looked like Mother Mary holding a machine gun. Giorgi said he has been interested in the military from childhood and that his favorite movies include 'American Sniper' & 'Saving Private Ryan.'

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Sergei: IT Specialist, Tattoo Fan

ULAN-UDE, EASTERN SIBERIA: Sergei, an IT specialist for Russia Post, said his physical appearance began to change three years ago after a stroll with his older sister along 'Arbat Street' in Ulan-Ude. "She told me she wanted a tattoo and I said I wanted one as well. I simply wanted a change in my life." He then got one ... then a second, a third and so one. He has about 30% of his body covered in tattoos, but doesn't plan to stop. "I want to cover my whole body," he said. One of his favorite tattoos is a portrait of singer Marilyn Manson (visible on his arm). Sergei said he loves his job and his colleagues, and that one of his dreams is to take a long road trip by hitchhiking.

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Margo & Milana: Street Fashion

Margo (holding bag) and Milana were eating McDonald's on the street in Rostov as they leaned against a street underpass staircase. Margo, who runs the hurdles, shouted with pride ''We are from Samara!'' as they were photographed.

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Sergei: Tattooed Youth

Sergei was crossing the Moscow River near the Moscow Financial District via a pedestrian bridge when I passed him. He immediately caught my eye as his face and hands were covered in tattoos that he said he designed himself. Sergei said he was turning 18 next month, unemployed, but looking at any job offers. I asked what he would like to do, mentioning that the tattoos would limit the jobs he could find. ''I would like to become a model,'' he answered. He said chest and legs were also covered in tattoos and that his brother was living in Brooklyn....not far from my home.