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Tolik: Student, Taxi Driver

KHABAROVSK: Tolik, 21, grabbed the taxi order that had just come across the tablet and picked me up. He said he was a university student and picked up cab orders when convenient. Tolik, who grew up in a small town of about 3,000 people outside Khabarovsk, said he would like to work in a bank. ''It is not a dirty job, you don't have to work with your hands,'' he said. ''You work in a clean office.'' While he says he is lucky to have a car - a gift from his parents - he isn't optimistic about saving up to buy an apartment anytime soon. He says it costs about 15,000 rubles to rent an apartment in Khabarovsk while a good job could pay about 30,000.  Then there are everyday living expenses, barely leaving you with any savings. ''It is nearly impossible for me to save up for an apartment and there are many people in my situation,'' Evgeny said. ''If you take out a mortgage, you will probably be paying down way into old age.''