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St. Petersburg Twins

St. Petersburg: Katya and Dasha, 14, grew up in Vladivostok in a military family and moved to St. Petersburg. They were walking along Rubenshtein, a popular street lined with cafes, restaurants and bars.

Anna: Mother of Twins

NOVOSIBIRSK: ''When I gave birth to my boys, I was a bit worried about being alone. I don't have relatives nearby. When they both cried, I didn't know which one to pick up first. ''I took the one that cried the loudest. The most difficult thing is when then express thrir emotions - it is always twice the laughter and happiness and caprice," said Anna, a mother of twins and a Sibir hockey fan. Aside from taking care of the twins and home, she finds time for herself. She attends workouts 3 times a week and goes to hockey games. "It all depends on you and your desire. If you want something, you will find time for it. And of course my husband sits with the boys in such cases."

Nastya & Vika: Russian Twins

ARKHANGELSK: "We are not alike in character. I am more creative," said Nastya (left) about her twin sister Vika. They were walking in Malye Karelya, a park on the outskirts of Arkhangelsk city filled with historical wooden architecture from Northern Russia. Nastya said she loved to write poetry and would read it to Vicka, but she didn't show strong interest. "She is far from [poetry]," said Nastya.

Oleg & Alexei: Twins from Nizhny Novgorod

NIZHNY NOVGOROD: Oleg and Alexei, 25 year-old twins, were walking to a music festival where they were invited to dance. The graphic designers said they grew up in a village outside of Nizhny Novgorod, but moved to the city where they now live. I asked how they got into dance. They said they were inspired by films, including Step Up, and gave it a try. Now it has become a serious hobby. The two also practice fire shows and dream of their own performance combining dance and fire.

Rada: Rollerblading with Twins

MOSCOW: Rada was skating along the Moscow River as she pushed her 5-month old twins Adelinа & Angelina in a carriage. Over the past year, I have started to see people skating or running with a carriage, but never with two babies. Rada started rollerblading with the twins a month ago. Depending on the weather, she rollerblades 2 to 5 times a week. The round trip lasts about 5 hours with a 2-hour break at Gorky Park. Rada says its very convenient: The babies get a long-period outdoors while she gets a chance to exercise, tan & meet friends all without being away from the babies. ‘’5 years ago, it wouldn't have been possible to image this'' in Moscow, she said. People's reaction surprised her - they smile & give a thumbs up. Rada taught herself to skate at age eight. Those first skates belonged to her friend that lived in the same building, thus she only skated a few times during the summer. Now, for the first time, she has her own skates.

Zhanna & Yana: Twins Studying Chemistry

St. Petersburg: Zhanna and Yana, 21, taught me the Russian word for 'hair bangs': челка. These twins from the town of Oryol were walking down Nevsky dressed in the same dog-print shirt, rayban sunglasses and New Balance sneakers. Dressing alike is 'their thing' and one of them described themselves as 'one whole.' The twins both study chemistry and plan to work in their profession. I asked how they chose that subject. Their mom teaches chemistry at school.

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Yulia & Masha: Twins from Murmansk

St. Petersburg: These twins from Murmansk were rollerbladding together in front of the Hermitage. Yulia and Masha, 21, just graduated a St Petersburg university with a degree in conflict resolution and multimedia. They are now trying to decided what they want to do next. Yulia said that conflict resolution isn't well developed in Russia, so they will likely pursue work in multimedia.

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