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Oleg: Cappuccino on Red Square

ST. PETERSBURG: Alexei, 41, was hanging out on Nevesky on a Saturday afternoon offering pedestrians a ride on his motorcycle. Alexei said he first started riding at age 10, when he lied to get into a bike class for those 12 and over. A few years ago, while riding around St Petersburg in the early afternoon, he decided to have coffee on Red Square. By 10pm, he said he was sipping cappuccino on Red Square, having traveled 700 kilometers in about 8+ hours.

Anna & Anastasia: St. Petersburg Students

St. Petersburg: University students Anna and Anastasia, 20, were walking along Nevsky on a sunny afternoon when I noticed Anastasia's large summer hat. Such hats are in fashion this year and are more noticeable on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg . The two girls are studying PR in St. Petersburg.  

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Serafima: St. Petersburg Bike Rider

St. Petersburg: When the 10-minute rainstorm was followed by a burst of sunlight, I ventured back onto Nevsky Prospect. There I saw Serafima trying to manuever between the crowds and cars on her bright, yellow old-fashion bike. Her outfit was as colorful as her bike - a green dress, pinkish sweater & blue New Balance to match her blue eyes.

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