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Ira: Daughter of Geologists

Ira was heading out for the weekend to join her parents for some hands-on geology work. She said both her parents are geologists, but she intends to study biology.

Moscow Fashion

Maria was wearing one of the most interesting outfits I have seen this year in Moscow. She said her outfit is from brand Atelier Kikala, created by Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava. (Photo taken in metro).

Andrei: Skateboardist

Another shot of Andrei with his skateboard.

Andrei: Skateboardist (2)

Andrei is trying to develop his own brand of street clothing and said he had a few items, like shirts, already made. 

Gleb: Skateboardist

The pins on Gleb's coat say it all - he is Russian and a self-proclaimed playboy.

Russia-NYC Series 40

My last in the least for now. I met Anton, sporting a Brooklyn hat, in the center of Moscow as he was on the way to the gym. An actor and dancer, the Novosibirsk native has traveled around Europe and US to take part in various performances. He has also put on his own theatrical show titled Hamlet's Body. 

Russia-NYC Series 39

Sergei, a university student from Tyumen in Siberia, was strolling along Old Arbat in his New York hat. Sergei said he studies oil and gas, Siberia's biggest industry, and was in Moscow on a short stopover before heading off to Europe for a vacation.

Russia-NYC Series 38

Albert, a 3rd year economics student, works part-time as a salesman for Russian clothing chain 21Shop on Old Arbat. The chain sells a mixture of colorful Russian and foreign 'street style' clothing and accessorites, including this schoolbag with 'Brooklyn' written on the straps. 

Russia-NYC Series 37

 Another shot of Kolya, in the NYC hat, and his friend Ruslan, a sound engineer. Ruslan said in a strong English accent that he recently returned home from a long stay in the UK and is impressed by the changes he noticed in Moscow, something I have heard quite a few times. 

Russia-NYC Series 36

 Kolya, a engineer and fashionista, was crossing the pedestrian bridge behind Christ the Savior church on a chilly Moscow Autumn day sporting a NYC hat.

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