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St. Petersburg Bound

He was sitting at the very hip Mr. Right barbershop in Voronezh reading a magazine as he waited for a friend. He said he was a barber himself, though he looked more like a model. I asked him about his future plans and he said he was likely going to move to St. Petersburg. 

Maria: Iron Maiden Fan

Maria was walking with a guitar on her back and sporting an Iron Maiden t-shirt. For some reason, t-shirts of 1970s-1980s rock groups were popular this year in Moscow (especially among those born way after these groups became popular). Though I think it's more of a fashion trend that a sign of music taste for many, Maria said she liked Iron Maiden. She said she played the harp for many heard and then moved over to the flute. She doesn't play the guitar, but was rathering kindly carrying it for her friend. Maria said she really likes physics and may pursue that in university. When I mentioned I switched over to the history faculty after burning out on quantum physics, she pulled a book out of her bag to show me what she was currently reading. It was titled something like "The secrets of quantum physics."

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Moscow Dog in Camouflage

His owner was wearing blue camouflage.

Misha: Former Soccer Player

Misha was on his way to a big shopping mall in Moscow when I bumped into him. He said he played professional soccer in Russia until and injury stopped his career.

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Dasha: Student from Komi

Dasha- Student from Komi (1)Dasha was standing by a Moscow metro station in her red winter hat, red pants and Timberland-style boots and on her way to St Petersburg for the long weekend. She said she lives in a small town in Komi Republic in Russia's Northwest, where she is finishing highschool. She wants to study economics next year in St Petersburg, finding the atmosphere in that city better than in Moscow.

Alex: Moscow Skateboardist

Alex just graduated with a degree in oil & gas engineering, which should promise a good job outlook. But he isn't keen on working in Siberia... Or necessarily in the industry. For the time being, he is more interested in skateboarding and street fashion.

Moscow Fashion

Maria was wearing one of the most interesting outfits I have seen this year in Moscow. She said her outfit is from brand Atelier Kikala, created by Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava. (Photo taken in metro).

Gleb: Skateboardist (2)

As I tried to take Gleb's photo, two intoxicated men came over to ask for money and have their photo taken. They were rather rambunctious and Gleb found them funny. I took this photo as he laughed along with them.

Russia-NYC Series 40

My last in the least for now. I met Anton, sporting a Brooklyn hat, in the center of Moscow as he was on the way to the gym. An actor and dancer, the Novosibirsk native has traveled around Europe and US to take part in various performances. He has also put on his own theatrical show titled Hamlet's Body. 

Russia-NYC Series 37

 Another shot of Kolya, in the NYC hat, and his friend Ruslan, a sound engineer. Ruslan said in a strong English accent that he recently returned home from a long stay in the UK and is impressed by the changes he noticed in Moscow, something I have heard quite a few times. 

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