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Nikolai: Retired Machinery Worker

Another photo of Nikolai, the retired machinery worker who has taken up ice-skating for firs time in decades to stay in shape. Nikolai came to the pond by bicycle. 

Stanislav: Seeing-Impaired Street Musician (2)

Another photo of Stanislav, the nearly-blind 77yo accordion player, who says he will play till the end. Here you can see his instrument on a cart that he was dragging through the snow. He has a stick in his other hand to help him walk.

Young at Heart in Moscow

While 90% of the people attending the Moscow colorfest seemed to be high school or college students, it's open to any age. This woman may have been the eldest participant and it was rather heartwarming to see the smile on her face as she walked home with her daughter. It was a reminder that we shouldn't let age prevent us from living life to the fullest.