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Maksim: Biochemist Professor, Textbook Writer

ULYANOVSK: Maxim, 28, a biochemistry professor, posts photos from his hometown and travels on his Tumbler and Instagram account. One day, he received a message from Inessa, a St. Petersburg student of Tibet and Mongolian languages. Inessa came across his photos on social media and contacted him. After exchanging messages for a month, they finally met in St. Petersburg over the winter and fell in love. ''It was like a dream. She understands me like no other woman in the world.'' Maxim, who likes to jog and watch his diet, said he hopes to move to St. Petersburg in the summer to be with Inessa. In the meantime, he is busy trying to finish a textbook on biochemistry for university students. He spends 2 hours a day on it and has completed 300 pages so far. ''Students didn't understand the [biochemistry] material because the authors had written it without any input from them,'' Maksim said. ''So, I decided to write my own, which would explain almost everything they need and answer many of their questions.''