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Vladimir: Moscow Stylist

MOSCOW: Vladimir, 24, was walking toward the Moscow metro on an overcast summer day. He said he studied jazz at a musical institute, but decided to pursue a fashion career instead. He enrolled in a well-known Russian fashion school Gosh to become a stylist. After working as an assistant, he formed his own team (photographer, make-up artist, ect) and has worked for clients like Vogue Italy and Elle. As for fashion, he doesn't think that Moscow is behind Milan. He is optimistic on the future of Russian designers, pointing out that a few have already made it big. "We have a lot of creative people. In five years, we will know our young designers. They will prove themselves in the fashion world."

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Irina: St. Petersburg Image Stylist

St. Petersburg: Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg gets quite crowded during the white nights period as domestic and foreign tourists flood the city. It must be pretty difficult to walk a dog along Nevsky during the early evening in this period. That may be why Irina, 25, was carrying her dog. She said she worked as an image stylist for magazines.

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