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Adelina & Polina: From from Magnitogorsk

Adelina & Polina: From from Magnitogorsk

ST. PETERSBURG: Polina and Adelina, 24, were walking around the center of St. Petersburg.

The young women said they grew up in the steel town of Magnitogorsk and both live now in St Petes. However, they dont plan to stay.

Polina will go to the Czech Republic to study and would like to stay there.

Adelina plans to travel around Russia if not abroad. She said she wants to travel while she is young, saying she had previously lived in Sochi for half a year before moving to St. Petersburg.

”I simply live temporarily in places that I like,” said Adelina. ”How my life will shape up, I don’t know. But such a style of life suits me.”

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