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Alexander: Chukotka Native

Alexander: Chukotka Native

ST. PETERSBURG: ”I feel like I am at the other end of the world,” said Alexander, 24, when I asked him what it is like living in Chukotka, which lies across from Alaska.

Though he said he loves his home region, Alexander recently moved to St. Petersburg because ”it is beautiful and more relaxed in terms of conversation, lifestyle and dress.”

Alexander said he is finishing up university and hopes to make it as a singer. I asked how he got into singing.

”Right before New Year 1996, I was out for a walk with my brother in Chukotke and we past a club. I was five and he was 14. When I saw the bright colors of the microphone inside, I wanted to go for a look.”

”The club managers let me sing. I performed ‘Girl from the North’ by the Russian group Prime Minister. After hearing me, I was invited to sing on the central square on New Year’s eve.”


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