Capturing Russia from white to black, north to south, east to west
Anna: New Balance Store Manager

Anna: New Balance Store Manager

Before 2010, it wasn’t common for Russian adults to walk around Moscow in sneakers. If you did see someone in Moscow in sneakers, it was possibly a foreigner. It was highly unlikely to be a Russian woman and it definitely wasn’t New Balance they were wearing.

Fashion has changed significantly over the past few years in the Russian capital and you will see all sorts of adults wearing sneakers. Anna, in her mid 20s, was wearing yellow New Balance as she took a smoke break outside a Moscow shopping center.

Anna said she was a manager at the New Balance store inside the mall, so I asked about footwear trends and type of clients that come in.

”People in Russia now realize that they can wear sneakers and still be fashionable. It is not just teenagers and  young adults. We get some grandfathers in their 50s, 60s, or even 70s that wore New Balance many years ago and remember them fondly.”

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