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Anya: St. Petersburg Shoemaker

Anya: St. Petersburg Shoemaker

ST. PETERSBURG: People are no longer afraid to start their own business,” says Anya, a 28yo mother & founder of Z!Boot.

She has been producing hand-made shoes in a 20sqm workshop in an old factory in St. Pete for the past 3 years.

Like many start ups, she began making shoes at home. To learn to produce from scratch, she took a sewing course at night while getting her shoe design degree during the day.

Now she has 4 workers, including her mom, and they produce weekly 50-100 pairs of shoes. While most of the shoes are sold to Muscovites, a few go abroad.

Anya, who says she is a creative person, doesn’t dream of her own mass production.

She wants to continue producing hand-made shoes and has given herself the goal of doubling output over the next year.

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