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Artem: ‘Brooklyn’ Clothing Store Owner

Artem: ‘Brooklyn’ Clothing Store Owner

St. Petersburg: ‘Brooklyn’ clothing store in St Petersburg specializes in American clothing like Levis and Dickies.

Brooklyn was opened by Artem, a 39 year-old local businessmen, about two years ago.

Artem said he was involved in oil and gas and traveled often to Huston, sometimes stopping in NYC, explaining how he came up with the name.

Since ‘Brooklyn’ was opened, the US dollar has nearly doubled versus the Russian ruble, making such clothes as Levis and Dickies twice as expensive.

Thus, ‘Brooklyn’ has added Russian made clothing, including bow ties.

Artem, who has spent some time in Brooklyn, would like to open an old-school gym in St Petersburg like Brooklyn’s Gleason’s, where there are Russia-born trainers.

He explained his reasoning by saying that boxing – as well as a healthy lifestyle in general – has become more popular in recent years.

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