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Azim: Kyrgyz Shoe Seller

Azim: Kyrgyz Shoe Seller

BISHKEK:The rubles saved up at home lost their value. How do you buy heating coal? There was no money.”

”We gave them (coal workers) food in exchange for coal,” Azim, 33, recalled his youth in the early 1990s in Osh, Kyrgyzstan where he grew up in a very large family.

He was the youngest child, born when his mother was 42. He now has a home in Bishkek, car, trading business and 3 children. His nephews help him sell Chinese-made sneakers at the largest central Asian market and Azim writes down in a small notebook how much they earn.

“They have everything: jeans, sneakers, telephones,” Azim said, comparing his childhood to those of his nephews.

  • Posted on: September 6, 2015
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