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Bulat & Oscar: IT Startup

Bulat & Oscar: IT Startup

KAZAN: Bulat, left, launched a startup to develop mobile technology and invited friends to join. Bulat said there are about 30 startups in Kazan in his niche. The Tatarstan government stimulates local IT growth through various forums where startups can present.

‘’If you have a good idea, you can even get a meeting with the Tatarstan President. As the government is interested in IT development, there are no administrative barriers,’’ he said. Bulat offered the idea of a virtual presentation of Kazan city (3D) and his project was chosen. His team also developed an app for the 2015 Water Sport Championship held in Kazan.

Bulat and his colleague Oscar (right) believe there is plenty of demand in Russia for IT as many companies haven’t invested enough. The generational change in Russian management will be another stimulus to investment in innovation in their view.

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