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Daria & Albina: Headed to Germany

Daria & Albina: Headed to Germany

BISHKEK: ”My Belarus grandmother had a hard life. She went through German and Siberian camps’’ before ending up in central Asia, said Daria, 25, a Bishkek native.

Her other grandmother – a Volga German – didn’t have it much easier. She was exiled to central Asia during WWII. Their children – Daria’s parents – met through their shared interest in skydiving.

Having German roots, Daria now wants to move to Germany. ‘’I don’t feel like Bishkek is my home. I feel I can do more in Germany.’’ In the meantime, she would like to write her grandmother’s memoirs.

Albina, 21, grew up in a small village in Tajikistan, before getting accepted into the American University in Bishkek. She wants to move to Germany to pursue physics, a passion from her school days. ‘’I had a good physics teacher in high school and my parents were both into math.’’ 

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