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Dima: Barber from Samara

Dima: Barber from Samara

Dima, 26 was smoking a cigarette with a colleague outside men’s barbershop chain Chop-Chop in Samara, where he has been cutting hair for the last two years. Dima said it was literally an accident that turned him into a barber.

During his first year at university, he got hurt while freestyle skiing and landed in the hospital, missing university exams. As he hadn’t been doing well at university in any case, his mom recommended he give cutting hair a shot.

Dima said he took a basic hair cutting course and struggled at first. ”I thought, ‘why am I wasting my time on this.”’ He stuck with it and is now going on his 8th year as a barber, but admits its not so much the cutting process as the interaction and feedback that he loves.

”The thing I like most is talking with people and feeling needed. If you don’t like to communicate with people, you won’t like this job.”

  • Posted on: March 10, 2015
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