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Elizaveta: Future Speech Therapist

Elizaveta: Future Speech Therapist

ARKHANGELSK: “A person is like a book – each one of us has our own story. A book about me would be a melodrama. I didn’t have the happy childhood that others had,” said Elizaveta, an Arkhangelsk university student.

She was sitting by herself in a cafe drawing a boy with big eyes. She said she draws to express her thoughts and feelings and was inspired by the Hollywood film ‘Big Eyes.’ Elizaveta is studying to be a speech therapist.

She said she grew up in a town where mоre people than usual have health issues and that partially influenced her decision to chose such a profession.

“My dream is to go to Germany to see how speech therapy is done there and in general learn more about their medical practices. I am trying hard to reach my goals.”

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