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Evgeny: Street Food Kiosk Owner

Evgeny: Street Food Kiosk Owner

MOSCOW: Evgeny, a historian by education, said he became interested in culinary arts about a decade ago as he began to travel abroad.

He said he would try anything he could, asking questions about the ingredients. He also started to read culinary books, including Russian culinary history.

Evgeny talks admirable of Duke Odoevsky, who wrote about food in the 1840s under the pseudonym Professor Puf.

When Evgeny retired from a career as an industrial manager, he took up what he calls his ‘passion’ and opened a kiosk named ‘Professor Puf’ with a partner offering hot sandwiches with their own bread, sauces and recipes.

The father says he didn’t let skepticism from friend’s and family stop him.

‘’If I didn’t do it now, I never would,’’ said the 50 year-old. Evgeny hopes to open more food kiosks in the coming years.

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