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Ismail: Uzbek Immigrant Worker

Ismail: Uzbek Immigrant Worker

MOSCOW: Ismail, 26, was riding a small bicycle in VDNKh, where he helps clean the park and amusement area clean.

As VDNKh is big, the bicycle may be used by workers to get around and communicate with one another.

Ismail said he grew up in a village in Uzbekistan about 500 kilometers from the capital of Tashkent.

He said he has been working in Russia nearly five years. He worked about 18 months in Khabarovsk in the Far East of Russia.

He moved to Moscow about three years ago, first cleaning court years and shoving snow off roofs, before joining the park in the spring.

Ismail said he has a wife and child and is saving to build a home in his village.

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